"Sometimes the path we choose leads us somewhere completely different!"

A simple google search will show you that WillDridge was once a recording artist, one whose biggest achievement with his own music was his full-length studio album "Music Is Life". While that album lead to a placement inside HMV stores across Canada and an Ontario tour, it's what was happening behind the scenes that would define Wills professional direction.

While spending over a decade as an independent artist Will had to manage much of his own branding, marketing, promotions, and, graphics along with actually making the music. As time passed and the WillDridge brand grew, others seen the results and started to reach out for help with their brands.  

Fast forward 5+ years later and Will now helps businesses, brands and musicians reach a larger base while creating and growing their income. Alongside his team at WillDridge Ventures, we oversee all the necessary aspects of our client's brands and treats each interaction with a With the client" as opposed to a "for the client" mentality keeping the entire process and relationship transparent. 

Additionally WillDridge is an accredited jury member with Factor. 

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