William Wooldridge "WillDridge

Over the past 5+ years, Will has been the go to guy for design, branding and management. Getting his start as a musician, Will began branding himself, eventually landed his music inside HMV stores across Canada, and was headlining his own tours.

By 2017, Will was managing acts, working with startups, running live events and working as a freelance creative direction, he also founded his design business "", which he later sold in 2019.

As Wills own brand was growing, he began to work as a consulting Creative Director and Project Manager with clients ranging from small to medium sized businesses and brands. Alongside his team Will would oversee everything from integrated advertising campaigns, brand identity, marketing, print, digital and ecommerce channels, product/services launch campaigns and commercial/video direction.

In 2019, Will decided it was time to launch his own official agency and is his currently the co-founder/project manager of S.Keyol, a creative branding and brand management agency.