William Wooldridge "WillDridge" is a creative director, artist manager, brand manager, 
and the founder of WillDridge Ventures. an entertainment and media company operating 
in the world of music, media, and pop culture.

​Beginning his journey as an artist/producer, Will began seeing success after releasing two back to back mixtapes in the summer of 2013, while his consistent performances, music releases, and his ability to grow and maintain his social media presence would lead up to his biggest achievement just three years later.


On November 13, 2016, Will landed his studio album "Music is Life" inside HMV stores across Canada, he went on to spend all of 2017 and 2018 performing across Ontario. In 2019 Will decided to begin the transition from an artist to his current role of creative director and artist/brand manager, while keeping the same principles and philosophy that helped him grow his own brand. Will and his team at WillDridge Ventures help to develop, build, and grow their clients' professional brands and careers while working with several industry professionals.


Additionally, Will himself is an accredited jury member with FACTOR "The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent On Records". 

As Will continues to grow his brand and company, he remains committed to giving back to the community that shows him love and often works with non-profit organizations.